Part 3

It gives me no pleasure to inform you of the passing of Bailey Clemonte. The entire household is sadden by this news and the fault lays within a glitch in the game. Spoiler, the house was updated, and the twins were placed into my inventory during the process. Later their icons were green during gameplay and I got a notification that they were starving and that I better feed them before they are whisked away. Turns out a few seconds before they took Bailey, so by the time Hazel reached her crib it was empty. At least Beverly remains.

Current Household
Joshua Clemonte – Father
Hazel Clemonte – Mother
Bernadette Clemonte – Girl 1/12
Bailey Clemonte – Girl 2/12
Beverly Clemonte – Girl 3/12

01-03-18_8-56-16 PM

We start off with a lovely house update of the newly built Clemonte House. Their previous one room, one bathroom shack has been replaced with a full open concept kitchen/dining room/living room. With 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms because you can never have to many. Only the main living space is complete and once we save up more money we will work on the rest.

01-03-18_6-50-59 PM

Hazel is playing with a newly aged up Beverly, she has her mothers hair but her fathers eyes and skin-tone. I wish I knew what Bailey’s were as I hope half of the kids have Joshua’s blonde hair.

01-03-18_6-51-11 PM

Joshua came home with his third promotion! Now he’s being a good father and playing dolls with his daughter before bedtime.

01-03-18_6-53-22 PM

Time to jump on the baby making wagon.

01-03-18_6-55-38 PM

Bernadette has now completed the communication skill! She’s just hugging Bobby in celebration.

01-03-18_7-11-37 PM

Beverly sneaked out of bed to play with the blocks. I can’t be mad as it’s increasing her skills.

01-03-18_9-01-30 PM

Hazel is trying to help Bernadette achieve her fifth skill as she currently is still at 4/5 on thinking and movement. Nothing like some last minute scrambling for those points.

01-03-18_9-05-08 PM

Beverly quietly plays alone as all the focus is on her older sister.

01-03-18_9-07-07 PM

Birthday time!

01-03-18_9-07-47 PM

I hate this action.

01-03-18_9-08-49 PM

Little Bernadette won’t be so little once she blows out her candles.

She never did finish her movement and thinking skills but communication, potty training, and imagination were maxed.

01-03-18_9-10-22 PM

Happy birthday kiddo! She now has the whiz kid aspiration and the neat trait.

We now need a chess table.

01-03-18_9-16-28 PM

“Okay dad, here is a list of things I need: my own room, a big girl bed, and a chess table. Also I hope someone knows how to play because I’m about to squish my components like bugs!”

Until next time!

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