Part 2

And we are back with another update from the Clemonte Baby Boomers. Warning, in the beginning I take a lot of screenshots so bare with me. Lets see what the family is up too, we ended the last chapter with the birth of their first kid.

Current Household:
Joshua Clemonte – Father
Hazel Clemonte – Mother
Bernadette Clemonte – Daughter 1/12

01-02-18_6-38-29 PM

Hazel is back to painting while she models a slight baby bump. It would seem there is another bun in the oven. Need to make that money to expand the house for the next addition.

01-02-18_6-40-42 PM

Little Bernadette has aged up into a cute toddler! She has her mothers hair and eyes but her fathers skin-tone. She’s also angelic.

01-02-18_6-41-43 PM

A couple additions were added for Bernadette. As well as some toys but they were placed outside since there isn’t a lot of room inside their so called home.

01-02-18_6-42-11 PM

Toddler hugs are just the cutest! Especially when they are completely autonomously.

01-02-18_6-43-12 PM

It’s 5 points per toddler skill so time to get potty training little Bernadette! Plus we don’t want any accidents.

01-02-18_6-46-32 PM

“Gahh… Laalal.. baaaba..”

01-02-18_6-47-46 PM

Dinner time! Something you will not see a lot of. I can never track all of them down for a nice family dinner. So on tonight’s menu is mac’n’cheese.

01-02-18_6-49-11 PM

I forgot to purchase a high chair. Oops.

01-02-18_6-49-19 PM

Hazel decided that she’s too important for dinner, so while Bernadette eats on her bed a poor sad lonely Joshua eats dinner alone.

01-02-18_6-50-45 PM

“Say dada… Da… Da…”


“No, say dada…”

Well this isn’t going as planned.

01-02-18_6-58-31 PM

She broke her dollhouse and then had the nerve to cry about it! And here I thought she was suppose to be an angelic toddler. So much for that.

01-02-18_6-59-45 PM

Daddy to the rescue.

01-02-18_7-01-07 PM

“It’s for sure a boy!”

“How can you tellJoshua?”

“Trust me, I just know these things.”

01-02-18_7-03-32 PM

Hazel is going out for the afternoon so it’s time for some daddy-daughter bonding time.

01-02-18_7-07-49 PM

Hazel ventured into the city for the Spice Festival. She lost the spicy curry challenge, tried some new food and harvested the produce to plant at home later.

 01-02-18_7-24-27 PM

While Hazel is out enjoying the festival, Joshua is at home potty training Bernadette which she has officially accomplished. Good job Joshua! 5+ points for us!

01-02-18_7-28-32 PM

Nothing like a bedtime story about a princess and a paper bag.

01-02-18_8-12-22 PM

Hazel came home late and to Joshua’s surprise she was in labor! I’ve also been to lazy to change their other outfits because apparently I never did when creating them in CAS.

01-02-18_8-14-31 PM

Welcome Beverly!

01-02-18_8-15-36 PM

And her twin Bailey!

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